User’s Guide for eduroam Account  [日本語]


You are able to get Tokyo Tech eduroam accounts via NII (National Institute of Informatics) which runs "eduroam JP Federated ID Service". This service will allow those who get eduroam accounts to obtain Internet connectivity across campus and when visiting other participating institutions. Please refer to the following lists for institutions where you can eduroam.

Where can I eduroam?  *You will be transferred to the website for eduroam JP

Note: Please test eduroam connection here in TokyoTech campus beforehand and make sure that your eduroam account works successfully.

Who is available to eduroam?

For the use of researchers[*1] (Access card)

Note: Researchers who don't have "GakuNin" on the Portal menu and have special reasons to use eduroam need to get an approval of your instructors[*2] and submit a specific application form below.

[*1] Visiting researchers, Visiting Associate researchers or JSPS researchers
[*2] Professors or Associate Professors

Please ask your instructor to fill out the following application form and seal it.
Then send the form via On-campus Mail from your instructor to:

"E2-4 The Network System Team in the Infrastructure System Group of
the Research Promotion Department's Information Infrastructure Division"

Application Form (Excel)

How to get eduroam account?

  1. Click "GakuNin" button in the Tokyo Tech Portal menu and choose "eduroam JP Federated ID Service (eduroam JP認証IDサービス)".
  2. 学認メニュー

  3. Read the Terms of Service and click "Agreed" button.
  4. 利用規約1

  5. Click "Send (送信する)" button and you will be transferred to Account Issuing Service of NII (National Institute of Informatics).
  6. 属性情報

  7. You will see the menu for eduroam JP Federated ID Service.

  8. Accounts issued for yourself
    Temporary accounts issued for visitors

New ID/Password account issue

  1. Choose "New ID/Password Account".
  2. アカウント発行

  3. After reading the Terms of Use for eduroam JP Federated ID Service, put a check to "Agreed" and then click "Proceed" button.
  4. ポリシー2

  5. Fill in "Since" and "Duration" to set "Duration of Use". When you see the date you fix is correct, click "Next" button.
  6. Note: The duration must be minimum period required.


  7. When you confirm the duration is correct in Preview, click "Submit" button.
  8. 申請内容確認

  9. Then your new eduroam account will be issued. You will find your new eduroam ID/Password under "Account Information".
  10. アカウント発行

Verification and revocation of issued ID /Password account

  1. When you wish to verify or revoke issued ID/Password, choose "Issued and revoke ID/Password".
  2. アカウント確認

  3. A list of your issued accounts will be shown.
  4. アカウント一覧

  5. When you wish to revoke issued accounts, put a check on issued account which you prefer to make unusable.
    Confirm where you checked carefully, and click "Revoke" button.
  6. アカウント失効

Issuing Visitor’s Accounts

Note: Visitor's Account is a service to issue an eduroam account for people who visit Tokyo Tech. (Valid for 1 week: 50 accounts, Valid for 1 month: 10 accounts)
When you distribute visitor's accounts to some guests, please confirm who use each account.
Besides, you are not able to use this visitor's account in other institutions.
  1. Choose "Visitor account issue function" on the menu for eduroam JP Federated ID Service.
  2. Note: Procedures to issue Visitor's Account are the same as "New ID/Password account issue", so please refer to them.


How to Use eduroam?

When you eduroam in Tokyo Institute of Technology, visit our website for "eduroam" at NOC (Network Operation Center) in Global Scientific Information and Computing Center.

You can refer including the information below in Japanese from the website.

Inquiries about eduroam

Tokyo Institute of Technology IT Service Desk

Opening hours : 9:00a.m. - 12:15p.m. / 1:15p.m. - 5:00p.m. *Closed on non-working days and holidays
Tel:03-5734-3654 * During non-working hours, please send inquiries via e-mail.
E-mail:helpdesk(at) * Replace "(at)" with "@".

*If you wish to confirm whether your eduroam account works properly or not, please simply send us an email above with some information;
your eduroam account, duration of use, the date(s) when you tested eduroam access, etc.