Matrix Code Authentication

  1. From Tokyo Tech Portal, click the "agree(Matrix Code Auth)" buttton.
  2. At the next page, enter your User Account (*1) and Password (*2), and click "OK".
    input your account & password
  3. At the next page, enter three characters from your matrix code printed on your ic card as the following example, then click the "認証" button(You may use lower case letters).
    matrix code authenticaiton
  4. When this authentication is succeeded, the following Portal Menu page will appear.
    portal menu page
  5. Footnotes(*)

    1. Your account is your ID (FOR UNDERGRADUATE STUDENTS, Replace "_" with "B").
    2. Your initial password (given to you with your IC card) consists of roman alphabet (small and large), period ".", and slash "/", no other symbols, blank or numeric characters. Be careful on the difference between "I" (capital ai) and "l" (ell).

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Last Update: 2006-06-20

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