Name Registration

We ask each user to register his/her own way of expressing a name by roman alphabet. The reason is that there are various ways to expess one's own name, and it may not be appropriate to fix one rule. This name registration is necessary only once and cannot be changed later unless you change your name for some reasons and reissue Tokyo Tech IC card. You can register you name from the Tokyo Tech Portal Menu.
Portal Menu


  1. For your name registration, you do not have to use ROMAJI expression.
  2. It is good idea to use the one on your passport.
  3. Middle name can be omitted, or it can be stated either with first or last name. Note that the registered last name and the first character of the registered first name is used for your email account
  4. If you don't have last name, type your first name in the last name field instead of the first name field.

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Last Update: 2014-03-10

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