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Questions and problems

IC card problems

My IC card got lost or damaged
If your Tokyo Institute of Technology IC card gets lost or stolen, immediately notify the office that issued the card. You will need to present a form of personal identification (a license, passport, insurance card, or receipt for a utility payment, etc.) when reporting a lost or stolen card.
If your Tokyo Institute of Technology IC card gets damaged, bring the card to the office that issued the card.
* Users who damage their own cards intentionally or negligently may be liable for reissue fees.
I lost my password postcard
Note that the password postcard cannot be reissued. Your postcard lists your account, password and PIN code.
Your account is the student number or staff ID on your IC card. Access card accounts begin with the letter A.
If you don't know your PIN, see the I don't remember my PIN code item.
If you don't know your password, see the I don't remember my password item.

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Portal login problems

IC card authentication problems

I get a "Cannot display the webpage" error during IC card auth.
Your browser may not have been able to recognize your IC card. Run the certificate management tool to make sure that your IC card reader can read your card properly. Please refer to How to check your IC card.
If your card reader appears to be working normally, restart your browser and try again.
If your card reader does not seem to be reading your card properly, removing and reinserting your card or connecting your card reader to a different USB port can help solve the problem.
I don't remember my PIN code
The office that issued your IC card can reset your PIN. Bring your IC card to the office and have a staff member help you. As access cards do not have photos on them, an access card recipient must also present an identity document (a driver's license or passport, etc.). See the Inquiries page for office contact information.
I see a "Locked" message on the certificate management tool
The system will lock and disable your IC card if you enter the wrong PIN code a certain number of times. To disable the lock, contact the office that issued your Tokyo Institute of Technology IC card.
I can't log in to the Portal with IC card auth. on Firefox
When you log in to the Portal on Firefox browser, you need to configure some additional settings.
If you are using Firefox ver. 90.0.2 or later on Windows, you need to another setting to change Configuration Editor for Firefox.
I can't log in to the Portal with my REISSUED IC card
For the first time to authenticate with a reissued IC card, you need to register your IC card certification. Please check that the IC card reader works correctly.
I can't log into the Portal by IC card auth. using the PC installed Kaspersky
Please see this page (Japanese only) and try this setting which makes a specific page invalid. Enter "" in the domain name section (ドメイン名). If this does not work well, please consider to uninstall Kaspersky and use security software which is provided under the software comprehensive agreement by Tokyo Tech.
I can't log into the Portal by IC card auth. using the PC installed ESET
It is reported that while "Banking & Payment protection" is enabled, IC card auth. is unavailable. In order to avoid this problem, please check

"Banking & Payment protection" ON
"Secure all browsers" OFF

and log-in to the Portal using Edge browser. If you cannot fix the problem with this solution, try to disable "Banking & Payment protection" itself.
Or, you can consider installing the anti-virus software provided by Tokyo Tech.

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Matrix authentication problems

When I enter my Account and Password, I get sent back to the Portal top page
Either your account or password is wrong. Account is a student number or staff number which is written on the surface of your IC card.If you forget your password, see I don't remember my password.
I don't remember my password
If you know your IC card PIN (a 6-digit number), you can reset your password by yourself using a computer with an IC card reader to log in to the Portal via IC card auth. Computers with IC card readers are available for use at the Co-op. If you do not have access to an IC card reader or do not know your PIN, contact the office that issued your card.
I can't get past the matrix code entry screen
Check the expiration date on the back of your IC card to see if the card is still valid. Also check to make sure that the coordinate letters appear squarely inside the appropriate table cells and that the printed side is free of any dirt or smudges that might make the letters difficult to read.

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Problems that happen after you log in to the Portal

I only see links to Webmail and the password change function on the menu
Your IC card is expired. Check the expiration date on the back of your card. Contact the office that issued your card if you need to have the card reissued.
I get sent back to the Portal top page when I click the menu
This error can occur in Internet Explorer because adding some of the websites that the Portal uses to the list of trusted sites interferes with the transfer of authentication information. In order to fix this problem, try either deleting the Portal sites from the list of trusted sites in Internet Explorer or adding all the websites that the Portal uses to the list of trusted sites. Or you can also try using other browsers like Chrome or Firefox as another way to solve this problem.
I made my Tokyo Tech Mail address using my wrong name reading
You cannot change a registered name reading by yourself. If you need to change your name reading because of misspellings, omitted letters, registering in opposite name, please contact the office below.

The Authentication Infrastructure Team
Email: query(at) * Replace "(at)" with "@".

Please note that once you modify your name reading registration, your current Tokyo Tech Mail address will not be available any more. If you need, you had better make backup copies of your important emails.

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Tokyo Tech Mail problems

I can't receive any emails in my forwarding address
After whether your forwarding email address is correct or not, please permit your PC to receive emails from domain at Filters settings.
Mobile phone companies usually do not allow to receive forwarding emails from Tokyo Tech Mail domain under default settings.

*If you use au mobile phone, you might need two kinds of permission; “receiving list” and “list for avoiding restricting pretended emails.
I can receive emails in my forwarding address, but there are no emails on Web mail
If you use automatic forwarding in Tokyo Tech Mail, the server will not keep copies of your messages unless you select the "Leave a copy of each message" check box. See Setting up automatic forwarding for more information.
I can't synchronize my Sent Items folder via IMAP
If you use Thunderbird to handle your e-mail, you can modify the settings to enable synchronization. See the "Folder management (IMAP only) section on the Setting up Thunderbird page for more information.
I receive emails with POP, but there are no emails remained on Webmail
Please change settings of email applications. For POP settings, please check the check box where you need; “Leave messages on Server”, “For at most – days” and “Until I delete them”.
*Once you receive emails with POP, it is impossible to get them back to the Web mails on the server.

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SSL-VPN problems

When I try to access SSL-VPN, I get "Disconnected" or "Couldn't connect to proxy server" error
Please uninstall F5 and try to set SSL-VPN up again.

Windows start menu > Settings > Application
Uninstall "BIG-IP Edge Client Components (All Users)"
I got "The connection to the remote computer could not be established. You may need to change the network settings for this connection." error
The IPv4 settings on the terminal may be incorrect, or there may be a problem with the VPN network driver. Please try the following solutions.

Solution 1
  1. Open the menu from Windows start button.
  2. Go to "Windows System" and click "Control Panel".
  3. Click "Network and Internet" and go to "Network and Sharing Center".
  4. Click "Change adapter settings" on the left side.
  5. Click one of the icons which you use in the VPN connection. Then, right click and select "Properties".
  6. Select "Networking" tab.
  7. Confirm that "Internet protocol Version 4(TCP/IPv4)" is checked.
  8. With "Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP / IPv4)" selected, click the "Properties" button.
  9. Confirm that "Obtain IP address automatically" and Obtain DNS server address automatically" are checked.
  10. If there is a difference in the confirmation items so far, correct it and try the VPN connection again.
    *If you can fix it and connect SSL-VPN successfully, you can finish here.
Solution 2
  1. Open the menu from Windows start button.
  2. Go to "Windows System" and click "Control Panel".
  3. Select "Small icons" from "View by: ......" on the top right corner.
  4. Click "Device Manager".
  5. Click "Network adopters" to open it.
    * Multiple "WAN Miniport(......)" might be displayed.
  6. Please select the displayed ""WAN Miniport(......)" in order. Then, right click and delete them.
    * Sometimes, it says "Uninstall device" instead of "Delete".
  7. Reboot Windows and try the VPN setting again.
    * This is a standard Windows driver, so if you restart PC after removing them, they will be installed again.

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Wi-Fi problems

I don't know how to set up Wi-Fi
See the network system TokyoTech for more information.
I can't get authenticated anymore
You may be under a usage restriction. For more information, see the Campus Wi-Fi page.
I don't get any (or very strong) service
Your access point may be damaged or broken. Contact a network system representative.

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Building access problems

I can't get into a building with my IC card
Check to see if you get an error when you hold your IC card up to the card reader. If you do, your card is not in the system registry. Have the building manager register your card. If you do not get an error, your IC card might be damaged. Contact the office that issued your card.

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