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About IC cards

I want to change my PIN code
If you have a Windows computer and an IC card reader, you can change your PIN with the certificate management tool. Contact the office that issued your IC card if you do not have the necessary environment for changing your PIN on your own. Students should use the PIN change terminals at the following counter.
Ookayama: INFORMATION (Taki Plaza, Floor 1)
Suzukakedai: Student Division (J1 Bldg., Floor 1)
How can I check IC card expiration date?
Your IC card expiration date is listed on the back of your IC card (on the right-side of your face picture).
How long does it take to reissue an IC card?
IC cards are issued on a weekly basis. New cards normally arrive in about 10 days. For more information, contact the appropriate office (Personnel Affairs or the Student Division) when you are applying to have a card reissued.

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About the Portal

I want to access electronic journals from off campus
If you have a student ID (unless you are a research student) or staff ID (full-time/part-time), you can use electronic journals from an off-campus location via an SSL-VPN connection. You cannot use a researcher ID/access card to access electronic journals.
I don't want to get Login Notice
Login Notice, which is sent to you when you log-in to the Tokyo Tech Portal successfully using "IC card auth." and "Soft token auth.", cannot be disable since this Notice released in order to take measures to meet intentional log-in. If you need to login to the Portal several times a day, please try to open "Deactivated Idle Timeout Tool" on the Portal menu.
It takes some time to enter Matrix codes for logging in to the Portal. Are there any other auth. methods?
These following methods are useful to log in to the Portal without Matrix codes.

One-Time Password authentication (OTP authentication)
You can log in to the Portal by using a temporary password.

Soft Token authentication
You can log in to the Portal by using the Soft Token Application on your smart phone or tablet.

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About Tokyo Tech Mail

How long can I use my e-mail address? Is it possible to extend my e-mail account?
You can use your Tokyo Tech Mail address (your address ending with for 90 days after your IC card expires. After that 90 days period, your address will shut down, and your mailbox will be deleted from the server. Users cannot extend their e-mail accounts. If you need to extend your account, you will have to have your IC card reissued.
Can I keep the same e-mail address if I have to get a new IC card because of a change in my personal information, etc.?
Yes. When you apply for a new IC card, fill out the "Old card information" section on the application form with the necessary details.
Can I use my current IC card to access the e-mail linked to my last IC card?
Yes. To carry old e-mail from an old card over to your current card, you will need to visit the office that issued your card and present a form of personal identification. Note that carrying e-mail information over from and old card to your current card renders the e-mail account linked to your current IC card obsolete.
I want to use an original sub-domain for my e-mail address
Users who want to put their e-mail on an original sub-domain need to use the Tokyo Institute of Technology parent domain. To do so, you need to obtain a sub-domain in advance. Apply to NOC (Japanese only) for a sub-domain or contact the appropriate sub-domain administrator for a sub-sub-domain. After you obtain your domain, apply for the E-mail domain forwarding service.
I want to change the e-mail administrator on my domain
Apply for a change on the E-mail domain forwarding service application page.
I want to send and receive emails with my smart phone
Fill in E-mail server information to your mail application. If you feel it is hard to set them up by yourself, we recommend receiving your emails at your mobile phone address or Gmail by forwarding from Webmail.
I want to change Date Display Format
The top of the screen of the Webmail, there is “More” and click “Preference”. Then you will see “Date Display Format”, so please select your preferable date style.

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About Wi-Fi

I want to give guests temporary Wi-Fi access
Contact your network system representative. See the Event network service for more information.

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About building access

I want to issue a temporary building access card for visitors
Apply for a building access card from the appropriate building administrator. If you need to grant access to multiple buildings, you need to submit an application to the administrator of each building. The GSIC does not lend out building access cards to individual users.
I want to use IC cards for building access management
Contact the Authentication Infrastructure Team via the "Inquiries" page.

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About providing Software

What kinds of Software can I use?
We provide Microsoft Office, Windows (Upgrade only), Sophos Anti-Virus Software, and Adobe products. Please note that providing methods might differ depending on eligibility or kinds of PC. For more details, see Service and Eligibility.
How can I install those softwares?
Please read each instructions to install such software; Microsoft Office,Windows (Upgrade only), Sophos Anti-Virus Software, and Adobe products. If you have any trouble or questions, please contact Taskforce Team. The information about the team is below.
I want to make further inquiries
Please check FAQ first, and then contact this following address.
Global Scientific Information and Computing Center / Research Promotion Department's Support team for comprehensive agreement software
Tel: 03-5734-3837
E-mail: ca-query(at) *Replace (at) with @.
Opening hours: 9:15 a.m. - 12:15 p.m. / 1:15 p.m. - 4:15 p.m.
Location: Global Scientific Information and Computing Center, 2F Office

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