Setting up an IC card reader (macOS)

You can use an NTT Communications IC card reader in macOS.
Make sure to read the following notes before you do so.


  • USB power supply problems on Mac computers can prevent card readers from recognizing cards correctly.
    If the issues persist when you connect directly to the USB port on your machine, use a self-powered USB hub.
  • As the Tokyo Institute of Technology has yet to verify the operability of the Request System for Goods, etc.,on macOS, you may not be able to get help with issues that occur as a result of a version update or other similar procedures.
  • Please use certain IC card readers which are found to be operated, ACR39-NTTCom and ACR1251CL-NTTCom.

Operating verification environment
Please note Safari is not available

  • macOS Sierra 10.12*1
  • macOS High Sierra 10.13*1
  • macOS Mojave 10.14*2
  • macOS Catalina 10.15*1
  • *1 Operating Firefox only
    *2 Operating Google Chrome and Firefox only

Installing drivers and the certificate management tool

As you will need to restart your computer after installation is complete, make sure that
you have closed all your open applications before starting the installation procedure.

  1. Click this link (accessible to on-campus users only) to download the dmg file.
  2. Mount the dmg file and hold down the Control key, click, and select "Open".
  3. Click "Open".

  4. Click "Continue".
  5. Choose an installation location and click "Install".
  6. Enter your administrator password and click "Continue Installation".
  7. Click "Restart".

    When you connect the IC Card reader after restarting, macOS Catalina (10.15) will show you the below error.
    Please click "Cancel", and select "Security & Privacy" from System Preferences.
    Please select "Allow Anyway" located the bottom of the General tab.
    Once unplug the IC card reader from a USB port and reconnect it, then you can select "Open" as the below picture.
  8. Connect your IC card reader and your IC card. Then open Keychain Access,
    which is in the Utilities folder under Applications.
  9. Select "All Items" from the pane on the left. If you see "eSK Card #number"
    in the list of keychains in the top left corner, the system has successfully
    recognized the card reader and your IC card.
    Launch your browser and complete the certificate authentication process for
    access to the Tokyo Institute of Technology Portal.
    Note: Please insert your IC card into the IC card reader beforehand.
    Make sure open "Keychain Access" AFTER inserting your IC card.
    Please be careful that "eSK Card #number" on keychains is not shown on macOS 10.15.

  10. When you IC card Auth. with Firefox for the first time, you need to add security devices.
    Please see Setup in Windows for more on the procedures.
    *Please note that Safari is not available.

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Updated: September 9, 2020
Created by: The Authentication Infrastructure System Team

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